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Replacement Windows
Guaranteed for 12 Months
Replacement Window Glass Guaranteed if a replacement breaks within 12 months, Versa Glass will replace the glass.
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Windshield Replacement - The process for replacing a window

Versa Glass can repair most chips but if it is too big or a crack has formed, it is best to replace the windshield to keep the driver, and occupants, safe.

STEP 1 – Assess the Damage – If there is a chip, it can usually be repaired. If there is a very large crack, we can replace the windshield for you using manufacturer recommended adhesive.

STEP 2 – Remove the Windshield – In order to get the damaged windshield out, it must be removed from the pinchweld. This is the lining that holds the windshield in place. If this is damaged during removal, the sealant may not work correctly and water may leak in causing rust. Rest assured that Versa Glass uses only the newest and safest techniques to make sure this DOES NOT happen.

STEP 3 – Select the Correct Windshield – We only use OEM quality windshield glass. This means that we use the molds directly from the factory that made your car to make the windshield. Others may user copy OEM molds which may not fit the car altogether. OEM windshields fit every time and is just like the car is new.

STEP 4 – Apply New Adhesive – We only use OEM quality adhesive. This is the same adhesive that comes directly from the manufacturer. This ensures a water tight seal to hold the windshield strongly in place.

STEP 5 – Install the New Windshield – Versa Glass follows installation procedures by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council. In addition, there is a recommended drive-away time. This is the time that it takes for the adhesive to fully dry. It is very important to follow the time because if the adhesive is not dry, the windshield could move causing leaks and other hazardous problems.

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