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Replacement Windows
Guaranteed for 12 Months
Replacement Window Glass Guaranteed if a replacement breaks within 12 months, Versa Glass will replace the glass.
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Have a Question? We're here to help. Maybe you're not sure if the moisture in your windows can be fixed, or if the chip in your windshield can be

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Keep your tabletops looking new with tabletop glass from Versa Glass.

Versa Glass can help you decide which glass is right for you tabletops. Whether it is measuring and cutting existing glass to fit or getting new glass altogether, we can cut to almost any size and dimension.  
Our specialists will go to your home and help you to decide what style glass is right for you. We can also help you determine the cut and thickness that is safest for your table. We also have many shapes and edges to choose from:

  • Shapes: Square, round, oval…etc.
  • Finished Edges: Flat, polished, beveled…etc.

If you have any patios with umbrella holes that need replacing, we can custom measure safety glass that will fit.

If furniture is exposed to sunlight, you may want to try tinted glass. This will protect the furniture from harmful UV rays which can age and damage furniture. If children are around, we can offer you tempered glass for:

  • Coffee tables
  • Dining room tables
  • Night stands
  • Conference room tables

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